New Profit Centers
Imagine being able to turn your new interactive training program into a company profit center. By simultaneously developing a generic version, you can not only recover your costs, but make it pay handsomely.

Talk about “stickiness!” It doesn’t get any better than this. Interactive game-play with its built-in lengthened exposure to brand and message is here to stay and making converts every day.

Game-based Learning
So much for paper manuals and sit-down classrooms. “Serious games” are much more engaging, portable, and easily repeatable…and have highly quantifiable outcomes.

MMOGs & Virtual Worlds
Interactive game-play in specialized, customized virtual worlds is adding whole new dimensions to business interactions.

Military simulations for fighter pilots have been around for decades. Sims are now used for everything from teaching surgeons to perform intricate procedures to helping business people “wargame” strategic planning.

Open Innovation
The opportunity to attract new ideas and create new solutions by going outside organizational boundaries is being facilitated by an exciting new way of thinking.

Investor Network
Connecting investors and innovators. Exploring opportunities. Building fortunes.

How to Get Started
Step-by-step for getting you started on the SimGame Exchange.

Custom Services
Create innovative, out-of-the-box solutions and valuable profit centers by consulting with the SimGame Exchange team.

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