Investor Network

Raising money for an interactive entertainment or simulation venture is a specialized process…and not just any investor will do.  Entrepreneurs require investors who understand this particular industry space and the markets associated with it, and investors are looking for entrepreneurs with next-gen concepts and technologies.

The SimGame Exchange has created a network of investors (as defined by SEC Rule 501 of Regulation D or foreign equivalent) who specialize in the interactive entertainment and/or simulations industry.  These investors either have already invested in a business venture related to the industry, or have an expressed interest in doing so.

Today, the SGE database contains over 200 different investors…and is growing daily as new investors join the network.

Access to our database is restricted, and the identities of all SimGame Exchange registered investors are not revealed to entrepreneurs without prior investor approval.  Please see the Investor’s Program for additional information.  These industry-specific investors fall into one of the following categories:

Venture Capital Firms.  VC firms will sometimes fund seed or first-round deals, but usually they require some level of revenue, or other similar criteria, before becoming involved.

Private Equity Firms.  Like VCs, they prefer deals that have moved beyond start-up, but also like VCs, they are open to a good idea.

Angel Investors.  These are typically wealthy individuals, and many will consider investing in start-ups.

Interactive Gaming or Simulation Companies.  Companies are desirable investors because they bring more than money to the table.  They bring expertise, industry connections, and access to markets.  Companies typically prefer some type of joint venture.

Alternative Industry Categories.  Companies other than gaming companies (for example, a mobile aggregator interested in funding new mobile applications) usually prefer some type of joint venture with the entrepreneur.


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