Our Services

Through the use of targeted information Exchanges and comprehensive databases, the SimGame Exchange facilitates commerce and communication within the gaming/sim space and between the general business and the gaming/sim communities.


We have four information Exchanges where Members can post business needs or offerings so that other Members can respond with proposals, ideas, and offers. These Exchanges serve as matching and R&D tools for our Members. In addition, depending upon the membership level of the participants and the nature of the issue, the SimGame Exchange may very well play an active or advisory role in these activities.

  • Solutions Exchange. This is where Members post training, marketing, or other problems, and other Members respond with the technical talent and resources to solve those problems.
  • Technology Exchange. This is where Members offer technology for sale or license.
  • Venture Exchange. Members use the Venture Exchange to raise money and find new partners for new or existing enterprises.
  • Talent Exchange. Members post opportunities for employment or offer their talent and services here.
  • Info Exchange. Sell or distribute reports, articles, white papers, books or other industry specific materials. (Available shortly)

Investor Network

The SimGame Exchange’s Investor network is the world’s only investment network that is focused on the interactive gaming & simulations industries. Whether you are an investor seeking to benefit from these powerful new technologies or an entrepreneur seeking the money and/or partners necessary to bring your visions to life, the SimGame Exchange is your tool of choice.

Communication Tools

Our internal email system permits Members to communicate in a personal, one-to-one manner that remains anonymous until the Members themselves decide to change it.

Resource Search

Core information is collected from Members via a series of comprehensive surveys created by industry professionals. The information is collected in such a manner as to carefully protect the privacy and interests of the participating Members.

Custom Services

In addition to our core services, the SimGame Exchange also offers Custom Services to Members who wish to avail themselves of the unique business and industry capabilities of the organization’s management team and its personal networks. Often, this involves working with Members to successfully turn their training liabilities into new profit centers.