Seekers and Solvers

Our two communities are comprised of a dynamic mix of Seekers and Solvers.

Who are Seekers?
Seekers are companies and organizations who are looking for new training and marketing solutions that utilize simulation and interactive gaming technologies.  Seekers may also be advertising agencies, trainers, business consultants, investors, and game and simulation companies who are searching for talent, technologies, partners, and opportunities.  The SimGame Exchange helps Seekers:

  • Locate and screen interactive technical talent.
  • Anonymously post problems and projects that can be solved by the use of simulation and gaming talent and technologies.
  • Assemble unique technology teams specifically engineered to cost-effectively solve business problems.
  • Develop new interactive training programs that can be turned into separate profit centers by packaging them for sale into adjacent vertical markets.
  • Identify new simulation, interactive gaming, training, and other related investment opportunities.
  • Attract new simulation, interactive gaming, training, entertainment, and other related investment partners and capital.

Who are Solvers?
Solvers are those with a solution to a Seeker’s problem.  Solvers may be simulation, interactive game and entertainment specialists, and others with supporting skill-sets such as animation, graphic art, and 3-D modeling.  Solvers are also experienced marketing and training professionals skilled in instructional design.  The SimGame Exchange helps Solvers:

  • Connect with companies and organizations seeking technical talent and technologies.
  • Respond to business problems and projects with effective solutions.
  • Position themselves as potential equity partners in joint ventures such as training programs to be developed as vertical-market profit centers.
  • Sell or license proprietary gaming and simulation technologies.
  • Locate, license, or buy proprietary gaming and simulation technologies.
  • Locate and screen interactive technology partners for specific projects.
  • Publicize business ventures with the goal of attracting investment partners and capital.