Technology Exchange Postings

A vendor/ platform agnostic Additive Behavior Hierarchical Scoring application (patent-pending) that uniquely measures a players performance in an unlimited numbers of metrics.

The Additive Behavior Hierarchical Scoring application applies to all industry segments – serious, causal, multi-player; all genres and all platforms. The metrics provide indicators of performance as well as create competitive parody. The technology ehances the game experience as well as generates additional revenue for any game.

Break-thru Artificial Intelligence Developed by DARPA Available for License

Revolutionary neural net technology developed and currently deployed by the U.S. military in multiple environments is now being made available to the gaming/sim industry. This powerful, yet simple technology is a huge improvement over existing AI and has countless possible applications to increase the intelligence, realism, interest, and enjoyment of games and simulations.

Clone-able SGE Web Service Platform Available for License

State-of-the-art, database driven web service platform engineered around the open innovation R&D; model. Adaptable to countless technology and other industry niches.