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The SimGame Exchange team consists of entrepreneurs and professional specialists in the fields of interactive entertainment, simulations, training, advertising, investment, and management.  We all share the vision and mission of developing and deploying next-gen multi-media, interactive training and communication solutions engineered to radically increase business performance.


Raymond Hutchins, Founder and President of SimGame Exchange and the Interactive Gaming and Simulations Alliance, is a serial entrepreneur with over thirty years of experience in multiple diverse industries.

Ray has built successful businesses in telecom, offshore manufacturing, and retail medicine. Whether he was running a multi-unit primary care medical company with over 100 physicians, nurses, and ancillary personnel or artisan factories in Indonesia and China, his focus on technology and his visionary “out-of-the-box” strategies allowed him to turn unusual opportunities into successful businesses.

Ray is currently leading the effort to evolve Colorado’s nascent gaming and simulations industry into a national industry cluster. As a certified Agile/ScrumMaster with extensive industry networks, he is assembling the teams, technologies, and relationships necessary to apply leading-edge multi-media, interactive technologies and training methodologies toward radically improving business performance.

Instructional Design-Denver, CO

Jennifer Long is the Senior Vice President of Program Development for The Source International and is an authority on multimedia integration in business training platforms. Her professional experience includes over fifteen years of corporate course design and development, as well as eight years of multimedia design and production.

Utilizing her background in theater and communications and her expertise in directing, improvisation and production, Jennifer is able to create unique interactive learning processes that have become the hallmark at The Source International. A dynamic public speaker, Jennifer has developed innovative learning programs for AT&T, United Artists, Northrop Grumman, and Ford Motor Company. She has also authored both articles and publications for Chief Learning Officer magazine and the Association for Training and Development.

As a charter member of the Interactive Gaming & Simulations Alliance and vital SGE team member, Jennifer focuses on integrating leading-edge interactive technologies into training methodologies and solution development.

Business Simulations-Denver, CO

Mike Vaughn is a leading authority on training technology and business simulations. He is currently the Chief Operating Officer of Regis Learning Solutions, located in Golden Colorado.

In addition to developing numerous leading-edge and innovative training products for Fortune 100 companies such as McDonald’s Corporation and Ernst & Young, Mike is a nationally recognized speaker and writer. He is the author of The End of Training-How Simulations are ReShaping Business and numerous other publications.

Prior to joining Regis Learning Solutions, he served as an executive with International Learning Systems and Alignmark, a division of Thompson Publishing. Mike has also served as a senior performance consultant for companies and universities around the world.

Mike is a key player in the Interactive Gaming & Simulations Alliance and SGE team member. His focus is on integrating multi-media, interactive technologies into business simulation processes.

Interactive Entertainment-Seattle, WA

Wyeth Ridgway is Founder and President of Leviathan Games, a leading-edge technology company focused on developing interactive products for both the entertainment and business worlds.

Wyeth has an extensive background as a technical director for several gaming and virtual reality companies, including Virtra Systems and Zombie Studios. While at Zombie, Wyeth designed and built the Viper game engine and was the lead programmer on “SpecOps: Rangers Lead the Way,” which sold over a million units on the PlayStation.

Under Wyeth’s leadership, Leviathan Games has produced gaming and advergaming products for some of the largest companies in the world, including Coca-Cola, Sony, and Microsoft. Wyeth has been a writer for Game Developer magazine, a speaker at the Game Developers Conference, and has overseen the creation of dozens of 3D games. He is now recognized as one of the world’s pre-eminent experts on the Virtools platform.

As an advisor to the SimGame Exchange, Wyeth’s focus is on deploying leading-edge game technologies in new business solutions.

Interactive Entertainment & Training-Dallas, TX

John is co-founder and CEO of Red Knight Learning Systems and has been a pioneer in terms of applying interactive media to the learning process.  During the course of his 26 years of software and media development, television production, and production management experience, John created some of the first business solutions utilizing multi-and interactive media.  Early on, he recognized the value of interactive media as a learning and training tool and produced numerous immersive learning titles, including an award-winning series for Cisco Systems.

John Purdy’s vision of the benefits of interactive, multi-media learning and training have resulted in recognition as a leader in the academic communities of Dallas and north central Texas.  He serves on the advisory boards of numerous organizations, including the Dallas-Fort Worth Interactive Marketing Association.

As an advisor to the SimGame Exchange, John continues his efforts to improve business performance via the application of innovative interactive technologies.

Learning Technologies-San Francisco, CA

As one of the founders of QBInternational, Andrew Kimball has spearheaded the development and worldwide deployment of the Qube Learning System. The Qube Learning System is a state-of-the art, multi-media LMS that delivers a wide variety of online training solutions and utilizes proprietary game-based learning processes to measure and quantify learning performance.

A trusted advisor and consultant to many Silicon Valley executives, Andy is recognized as a visionary in the field of learning technologies and is interviewed and published extensively on the topic. Qube’s impressive client base includes Bank of America, Agilent Technologies, BEA, Cadence, NetApp, and the U.S. Government.

As an advisor to the SimGame Exchange, Andy specializes in the integration of various multi-media and interactive training components into total business solutions.

Digital Video-Denver, CO

Anton Antokhin is the founder of Denver HighDef, a leading digital media and content development resource in the Rocky Mountain region. From its new state-of-the-art, all-digital, high-definition facility, Denver HighDef offers concept to completion and digital video consulting services to corporate and government clients. Its success lies in forward thinking processes that embrace the concept of digital storytelling using the latest technological tools to emphasize the primacy of content in today’s digital landscape.

With almost twenty years of experience in the video production, entertainment, and new media industries, Anton is recognized as a leader in convergent media technologies. His client list consists of companies like AT&T, Comcast, and Starz Entertainment.

Anton’s leading-edge digital video capabilities and his understanding of the importance of converged media in interactive business and training solutions, makes him a key advisor to the SimGame Exchange.

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