What We Do

We open new markets for gaming and sim companies.

We bring the business and interactive gaming and sim worlds together to solve business problems and increase business performance. We facilitate commerce between these two communities, which we call Seekers and Solvers.

We help you…

  • Solve Problems. Businesses with training, advertising, and other problems or projects – Seekers – post these on the Solution Exchange. The postings are broadcast to a worldwide community of interactive gaming and simulation companies – Solvers  who then respond with ideas and proposals.
  • Sell or License Technologies. Interactive gaming and simulation companies with technologies to sell or license post their products on the Technology Exchange. These IP technologies are automatically broadcast to Members who have an interest in commercial relationships.
  • Raise Money. Interactive companies with business concepts they wish to develop or fund post their proposals on the Venture Exchange. These proposed business deals are broadcast to Members in the investment and business community with established interest in these areas.
  • Locate Technology Talent or Opportunities. Organizations seeking specific technological or business talent can post their needs and requirements on the Talent Exchange, and Members seeking employment opportunities can also utilize the Talent Exchange to showcase their talents.
  • Find Partners. Members can use the Venture Exchange to attract new business partners and specialized technical talent and resources for building project development teams.
  • Sell or Distribute Information. Reports, white papers, studies, articles and other industry specific information can be sold or distributed by members on the Info Exchange.
  • Leverage Off Our Knowledge and Experience. Seekers and Solvers can call upon the SimGame Exchange team’s extensive business and industry experience to organize projects, assemble development teams, and turn new interactive training programs into separate profit centers by packaging them for sale into adjacent vertical markets.

Seeker and Solver Opportunities

How it Works