Why It Works

Powerful interactive gaming and simulation technologies can be employed to increase effectiveness and reduce costs associated with business training and advertising programs.  

Training. The use of interactive simulation and gaming technologies to train large numbers of personnel was originally pioneered by the U.S. military. Over decades, it has been proven to be more effective and more cost-efficient than traditional training methods.

Advertising. In the last several years, gaming and simulation technologies have been applied to marketing and advertising campaigns in innovative ways. It has not been lost on business leaders that entertainment gaming has become a near addiction to an important target audience segment. The result is an entirely new form of advertising called “advergaming.”

Superior training results are achieved through the use of gaming because:

  • Trainees find game-based learning more interesting than traditional training, and this allows them to learn faster and retain more.
  • There is always an answer…and feedback is immediate.
  • Training can be either a solitary or a team process.
  • Training can be used within or without traditional teaching formats.
  • Trial and error processes are designed where failure doesn’t hurt and risk is part of the game. This leads to new channels of intuitive learning and ways of solving work issues.
  • This type of training fits in with work trends, such as the declining cost of communications and the decentralization and democratization of work processes.
  • Gaming competition is familiar to a new generation of workers.

Superior advertising results are achieved through the use of gaming because:

  • Accessibility to branded gaming can be delivered through multiple media, such as instant messaging, banner ads, rich media placements, mobile devices, interactive billboards, traditional websites, and pop-ups.
  • Games can be played repeatedly, which exponentially increases brand awareness and message absorption.
  • For the price of entertainment, players have proved willing to trade valuable consumer data.
  • Advergaming contains a viral marketing component illustrated by the fact that players encourage their friends to play so that they can compete with each other simultaneously.
  • In an increasingly fractured media environment, advergaming cuts through the clutter of an ad-saturated environment.

Cost-efficiencies are attained because:

  • Programs can be used repeatedly at no additional cost with no “wear and tear.”
  • Programs can be accessed and accomplished anytime, anywhere.
  • Programs can be deployed on multiple platforms, including mobile.
  • Training results are immediately measurable.
  • Training can be accomplished in a shorter amount of time, but be offered repetitively as necessary.

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How it Works